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Kathe Kollwitz

A survey of her work 1867-1945

ISBN: 9783777430799 (HB - EN)

ôI want to have an effect during this age in which people are so perplexed and in need of help.ö

This sentence, a diary entry from 1922, is the creed of a great artist. It is as topical today as it was then. Kõthe Kollwitz (1867 û 1945) achieved worldwide respect with her drawings, printed graphics and sculptures even during her lifetime.With her great cycles of graphic works Ein Weberaufstand (A WeaversÆ Revolt) and Bauernkrieg (The Peasant War), Kõthe Kollwitz demonstrated her skills as a graphic artist at an early stage in a remarkable manner. From the start of her career her etchings, lithographs and woodcuts were included in the collections of renowned art institutes.

Her fame as an artist grew steadily and was acknowledged by countless awards. In 1919 she was even the first woman to be appointed professor by the Prussian Academy of Arts. This new monograph presents with unprecedented density the life and work of Kõthe Kollwitz, one of the most important German wom

Käthe Kollwitz (Koningsbergen, 8 juli 1867 - Moritzburg, 22 april 1945), born as Käthe Schmidt

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