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JAAR > 2018
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Arts of the East

Highlights of Islamic Art from the Bruschettini Collection

ISBN: 9783777429649 (HB - E)

The Bruschettini Foundation is world - renowned for its collection of Islamic and Asian art. This fine publication reproduces a fascinating selection of 13th - to 17th - century carpets, textiles, polychrome Iznik wares, paintings, and precious inlaid metalwork chosen from the collection, revealing the enduring allure of Islamic masterpieces. Handpicked by Alessandro Bruschettini in conversation with Aga Khan Museum curator Filiz Çakir Phillip, this impressive arr ay of works, each equally astonishing in vibrancy and technical perfection, has origins spanning the Islamic world from China to Spain. Bruschettini's ongoing love of seeking out exquisite examples of such art represents the epitome of the collecting spiri t and comprises the essence of the collection. The reader will experience the extraordinary aesthetics of Islamic and Asian art and will be introduced to one of its most perceptive collectors.

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