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JAAR > 2017
9783775743150 9783775743150_01
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More Women in Trees

Climbing Up Again

ISBN: 9783775743150 (HB - E)

"What are they all doing up there?" wondered the Züricher Tagesanzeiger. It's probably a "forgotten popular sport," suggested Der Spiegel. Focus even speculated about the "secret sex life of trees." One thing is certain: Jochen Raiss's Women in Trees, published by Hatje Cantz in June 2016, immediately became a best seller. This is true because-as we like to believe-the happiness felt by these women (who may have simply been in the mood to climb a tree) is palpable to us all. Women in Trees made us happy-and hungry for more. So we asked the obsessive collector Raiss if he might have some more of "the goods," and he did. He has, after all, spent twenty-five years searching for and finding anonymous masterpieces such as these, which is why we now have More Women in Trees. Perhaps you'll feel the same way as us: we can't get enough! (German cover 978-3-7757-4314-3)

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