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JAAR > 2015
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Melgaard + Munch

The End of It All Has Already Happened

ISBN: 9783775739511 (PB - E)

What is the critical relevance of Edvard Munch (1863-1944) to contemporary society? In pursuit of an answer this question, the publication places Munch's oeuvre in dialogue with works by the Norwegian artist Bjarne Melgaard (*1967 in Sydney), whose art often gives rise to critical debates. This was also the case with Munch in his lifetime. Their bodies of creative work are related in numerous ways. Both have worked with reference to their own biography. There is also an artistic kinship between the two with respect to their painterly idioms, even more so in relation to their motifs and themes. With subjects such as sexuality, gender, death, loneliness, and alienation they both deal with key issues of modern society. The catalogue explores the dystopian critique of modern civilization that underlies their respective oeuvres. In addition to a wide range of well-known works by both artists, it presents new works by Melgaard that reflect on the topics he considers to be of importance in Munch's oeuvre.

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