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Mediterranean Living

Stylish and Elegant or Close to Nature

ISBN: 9783037681978 (HB - E)

Imagine the Mediterranean, with stunning fields of lav - ender, crystal clear water and ancient gnarled olive trees. Straddling three continents, the lifestyles of the residents are marked by European, African and Asian influences. The living culture around the largest inland sea resulting from the interaction of those influences with the special climate has always been a source of inspiration for the rest of the world. Sunny terraces, shady courtyards and colors which reflect the landscape, the sky and the sea are only a few of the characteristics. This volume presents the exciting creative variety of contemporary homes and apartments designed by international architecture firms along with up-and- coming local architects. These dwellings can be mini - malistic or opulent, newly constructed or remodelled old ruins, from Ibiza to Tel Aviv, from Greece to Morocco.

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