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JAAR > 2020
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9782875720559_01 9782875720559_02 9782875720559_03 9782875720559_04

La Villa Empain

Boghossian Foundation

ISBN: 9782875720559 (HB - E/ F/ NL)

New reference book on Villa Empain, a true Art Deco temple of architect Michel Polak in the early 1930s, whose tenth anniversary of restoration was celebrated in 2020. The purpose of this publication is to reposition the history of the Villa Empain in its historical context. The book examines the career of architect Michel Polak and the Belgian architects of the interwar period. Part of the book is devoted to the restoration with an emphasis on the forging by Edgar Brandt and Alfred François, the glass roof by Max Ingrand and the garden. It is particularly well documented and contains numerous archival images and visuals documenting the restoration work of the Villa. The villa is owned by the Boghossian Foundation.

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