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Art & Design Atomium Museum

The Plastic Collection

ISBN: 9782875720153 (PB - E/ F/ NL/ G)

The ADAM will be more of a museum of art and design, rather than a museum of design sensu stricto. The museum will indeed present objects, whose formal qualities have been obscured by their everyday use, chairs whose appearance barely suggests their primary function, unusual and provocative works of art, moving and amazing photographs, and examples of architecture, which have been praised or long derided and need to be rediscovered. Philippe Decelle's private collection-the Plasticarium-, which is unique in the world, forms the core of the ADAM's permanent exhibition. Compiled over several decades by a lover of plastics, it comprises major pieces, prototypes, daily consumer objects, and works by well-known artists. To more broadly cover the 'all-plastic' domestic environment, this incredible collection has been enriched by loans from international public collections, galleries, and private collectors. Rather than presenting a succession of themes in strict chronological order, the presentation of the collections contrasts formal styles with production methods: the aim is to outline the unique, even offbeat nature of design, and highlight the key political, philosophical, conceptual, and societal issues and questions that are central to it.

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