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JAAR > 2021
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Luiz Zerbini: Botanica

Monotypes 2016-2020

ISBN: 9782869251656 (HB - E)

Since 2016, the Brazilian artist Luiz Zerbini has devoted his time to the creation of monotypes. First from within the Instituto Inhotim in Minas Gerais, then the Estúdio Baren in Rio de Janeiro, the artist created unique prints obtained by a non-reproductible process. Leaves, flowers and branches, selected and collected for their contours, shapes and textures, are placed on a previously inked metal plate. A large sheet of paper covers the whole, the last necessary element for the realization of a monotype. While passing through the press the composition imagined by the artist is transferred to the sheet of paper, thus revealing amazing shapes and colours, between figuration and abstraction. Over four years, Luiz Zerbini created more than 300 monotypes, an exceptional series that the Fondation Cartier sought to bring together in a large format book. This exceptional plant repertoire is a reference for all nature lovers and fans of Luiz Zerbini's work.

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