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JAAR > 2018
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Dance with Shango

God of Thunder

ISBN: 9782757213971 (PB - E/ F)

Within the abundant pantheon of the Yoruba deities, Shango is one of the most powerful gods: an incredible force of nature that strikes with lightning and meteorites. At once man, king and force of nature, he is a particularly complex example of the belief system of the Yoruba of Benin and Nigeria, incarnating both energy and balance. Shango's believers surround themselves with remarkable symbols. The oshe, a double-headed axe, is the most varied of all: during ceremonial dances, it extends the arms and the gestures of those holding it and showcases them with its refi ned beauty, which is sometimes descriptive and sometimes abstract. It also complements the magnificent altar, which overfl ows with offerings of food and libations. This book aims to highlight the richness of African heritage and thought, through many different works of art.

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