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Alfred Basbous. A Modernist Pioneer

ISBN: 9782370741721 (HB - EN-FR)

Coinciding with the new display of Basbous Museum's permanent collections, this book presents a selection of the works exhibited there. These works, kept in the personal collection of Alfred Basbous (1924-2006) until his death, are infused with a unique personal dimension, enhanced by the fact that they are displayed in his former house and studio. The garden, which was envisioned and implemented by the artist himself, hosts several milestone sculptures. When Alfred Basbous studied Sculpture in Paris, he discovered and admired the sculptures of Auguste Rodin. The interest and respect between Rodin and Basbous seem to have been mutual as the collections of the Rodin Museum include works created by Alfred Basbous. After his studies in Paris, Basbous went back to Lebanon and found in Rachana the perfect setting to create his remarkable sculptures. He experimented with a wide range of materials - bronze, stone, metal, wood and marble - and, while he never gave up on figurative art, the artist deepened his interest in abstraction. He thus created innovating sculptures that reveal his constant search to develop his art both on formal and technical levels.

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