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JAAR > 2018
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So You Think You're a Bookworm?

Over 20 hilarious profiles of book lovers - from sci-fi fanatics to romance readers

ISBN: 9781911026433 (HB - E)

From The Book Thief and The Binger to The Scholar and The Sci-Fi Lover - read all about over 20 different types of bookworm. Ever find yourself mainlining coffee at work in an effort to stay awake after a late night with a page-turner you just couldn't put down? Does the thought of being stuck on a train/plane/bus without a book fill you with more existential angst than a Camus novel? Were you too traumatized to leave your bed for days after finishing The Time Traveler's Wife? If any of these scenarios sound familiar, then chances are you're a book lover, but what kind of bibliophile are you? Perhaps you're The Cryer, who doesn't enjoy a story until at least a pint of real tears have been shed. Or maybe you're The Adulterer, who struggles to commit and never has less than four books on the go, or The Abuser, whose "treat 'em mean" attitude leads to turned-down corners, broken spines, and water-damaged pages. With over 20 hilarious bookworm profiles, you're sure to spot a good few character traits that any member of the literati will recognize. While we won't claim it's as funny as a Philip Roth novel, So You Think You're a Bookworm? will definitely raise a smile or two.

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