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Tate Photography series #01: Sheba Chhachhi

ISBN: 9781849768030 (PB - EN)

-Brand new contemporary photography series -International scope, high-quality images, affordable About the series The purpose of the new Tate Photography series is to establish a truly international representation of photography now, to broaden access to remarkable photographers, and to explore the medium's unique ability to capture life and experience in the world today. With the direct involvement of living photographers in collaboration with photography curators, these books will showcase the best and most notable images taken across the globe, from city streets to seashores, moving across landscapes and through subcultures, in a visual travelogue of our world. From 2022, Tate will release four books each year, connected by a single theme. By showing varied and international approaches to a subject, the series seeks to create a deeper understanding of what photography can do while also enhancing our appreciation of the lives of others. The first four volumes The first year's theme is community and solidarity. A Ghanaian- Russian photographer joins Black Lives Matter street protests in London, an artist-activist in New Delhi chronicles women's emancipatory struggles, a South-African's camera locates queer lives in rural townships, while a Finnish photographer captures the North-East of England as perhaps only an émigré with a discerning eye can. In all these environments, each imbued with unique struggles and dangers, a commonality of human character and strength inspired by community and solidarity is portrayed, permitting glimpses of joy and hope. Each book contains a new conversation between curator and photographer and is prefaced with a short introduction. BIOGRAPHIES Sarah Allen is Head of Programme at the South London Gallery. Beatriz Cifuentes Feliciano is Assistant Curator, International Art, at Tate. Thomas Kennedy is Assistant Curator, Modern British Art, at Tate. Yasufumi Nakamori is Senior Curator, International Art, Photography, at Tate.

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