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The Chic Geek

Fashion and Style Advice for Men

ISBN: 9781847327697 (PB - E)

The "Chic Geek" is a new independent online men's style magazine for any man interested in his personal appearance, giving advice, guidance or simply a bit of reassurance about what you already know. The idea is that inside every stylish man is a Chic Geek; you have to be a bit of a geek in order to be stylish but the Chic Geek website and book have done it for you. Like the website, the book includes up-to-the minute advice from industry experts, a glossary of fashion terms in the Geekipedia and pictures of trends on the street and why they work, but in addition contains more indepth, practical and penetrating coverage on fashion and grooming. Answering all the questions men have about what to wear, how to look stylish for different events and essential grooming advice, the guide targets the modern man who likes to be well-informed and look good.

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