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Calm Cards for Students

52 Cards and Booklet to Help You Find Inner Peace

ISBN: 9781837994410 (BOX - EN)

When student life gets stressful, turn to these calming cards of tips and affirmations to help you find peace of mind. As a busy student, finding time for self-care among the deadlines, exams and socials can be a challenge! But when life gets full-on, all you need is five minutes - and the handy advice on these cards - to reset your mind and find calm. From learning the basics of meditation to small reminders that it's okay to take everything one step at a time, these calm cards are the perfect antidote to help you breathe more and stress less. Within the box you will find: - A selection of 52 inspirational cards, each with an affirmation on one side and a self-care tip on the other. - A handy booklet with advice on how to use the cards and incorporate self-care into busy days. These gentle cards will be your all-in-one study companion, adviser and cheerleader, and will help you thrive in student life.

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