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An A-Z for the Weary

ISBN: 9781800816909 (HB - EN)

Burnout is said to be the defining feeling of the post-pandemic world - but why are we all so exhausted? Some of us struggle with perfectionism, while others are simply overwhelmed by the demands of modern life. But whatever you're feeling, you are not alone - and this liberating, enlightening guide to exhaustion in all its forms will help you find the energy to beat burnout and weariness. From confronting our inner critics to how our desire to be productive stops us from being free, Anna Katherina Schaffner, cultural historian and burnout coach, brings together science, medicine, literature and philosophy to explore the causes and history of exhaustion and burnout, revealing new ways to combat stress and negativity. Inventive and freewheeling, full of comfort, solace and practical advice, Exhausted is an inspiring guide to getting control of your own exhaustion - and rediscovering happiness along the way. 'Antidotes to our exhausting modern life' Sunday Times 'Sensible wisdom for finding emotional support, combating stress and embracing rest - allowing you to find the energy and ability to handle your life and the world's bigger worries' Best non-fiction for 2024, Stylist 'Schaffner is insightful, charming and visionary, both in her description of ailment and her selection of cures. As ever, the answer to everything can be found in a book' - Susan Elderkin, author, The Novel Cure

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