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In Flanders Fields

And Other Poems Of The First World War -> currently unavailable, reprint under consideration

ISBN: 9781789509236 (HB - E)

Discover poetry from the First World War with an undying power to move and inspire, including the work of Hamish Mann, Leslie Coulson, Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen and many others. Selected from the work of soldiers killed in action during the First World War - starting with Rupert Brooke in 1915 and ending with the tragic loss of Wilfed Owen seven days before the Armistice - the poems of In Flanders Fields capture a broad range of emotions and states of mind, ranging from anthems about the brutality of war to wistful evocations of home and loved ones left behind. Including contemporary colour images of paintings and sketches, this edition showcases some of the best poetry to emerge from the conflict and stands as a worthy memorial to the collective talent and sacrifice of those who gave their lives.

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