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65 recipes for comforting Asian-style noodle bowls

ISBN: 9781788796491 (HB - EN)

Enjoy this collection of laksa and other comforting noodle bowl recipes and get to know this popular south-east Asian dish in all its guises. Laksa is a delicious noodle soup consisting of thick noodles, swimming in a warming broth, packed full of fresh and fragrant ingredients with added toppings to add vibrant colour and interesting texture. For fans of spicy yet light-to-eat and reviving dishes, laksa really hits the spot. The origins of this often fiery dish are unclear, but it hails from Peranakan culture, which is based in southeast Asia and is a combination of Chinese, Malay and Indonesian influences. Which is why you can find anything from mild 'Chinese' type curries to sour tamarind varieties in these recipes. Curry laksa is the most often referred to type of noodle soup and is made from a coconut milk and curry paste base. Creamy, often fiery, intense flavours, with lashings of fresh chilli. Whereas Assam laksa is a much lighter version, made with a fragrant broth at its heart, full of tamarind and ginger flavours. Penang laksa is another version made with a tangy, sour fish broth. Slurp your way through this fantastic collection of recipes for laksa and other Asian-inspired noodle bowl recipes and find a dish to satisfy all of your cravings.

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