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Be More Witch

How to Find Your Inner Magic

ISBN: 9781787133389 (HB - E)

Witches have enchanted us throughout the centuries with their darkness, mysticism and individuality. Once persecuted, they have now been adopted by millennials as a symbol of feminine strength. Their belief in magic is increasingly causing people to question the arranged order, break out of pre-defined social norms and look for answers elsewhere in this demanding technological age. Where there's a witch there's a way! Be More Witch offers a dose of magical escapism that will help you to channel determination and manifest positive change. Soar through the sky with (or without!) a trusty broomstick and let your creative spirit fly! Look to nature and learn from your surroundings and get in tune with the elements, plants, herbs, flowers and of course, your spirit animals. With tips, tricks and spells this book will guide you on magical journey to discover the power that's waiting to burst from within. So are you ready to dip your toes into the cauldron?! Your fate is at your fingertips...

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