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Love Bible

Words of Love

ISBN: 9781784882303 (HB - E)

Love is a universal language, made even more so, with the help of this gorgeously produced book. Formatted like a traditional pocket bible, Love Bible contains beautifully presented pages filled with the phrase 'I love you' in more than 365 languages - one for every day of the year. Mon ko lo fon (Abe - Ivory Coast, Niger, Congo) / Sheth shen zhon (Apache - Arizona, New Mexico) / Ko kiciyoh (Afar - Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia) / Ek het jou lief (Afrikaans - South Africa, Namibia) / Une te dua (Albanian - Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia) / Txin yaxtakuq (Aleut - Alaska, Greenland, Siberia) / Ich liebe dich (German - Germany, Austria, Switzerland) / Maite zaitut (Basque - Basque Country, Spain, France) .... there are so many ways to say those three special words.... This is the perfect way to show anyone in your life how much you care.

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