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Nutella® Mug Cakes and more

Quick and easy cakes and bakes

ISBN: 9781784880767 (HB - E)

Mug cakes + Nutella® = Irresistible Whether you're after a late night treat, a sweet snack in front of the TV, or a super speedy dinner party dessert that will still impress your guests, Nutella® Mug Cakes and More will have you sorted. With over 30 recipes for delicious Nutella® based desserts that require minimal effort and time, all you need is a few minutes to spare and a serious Nutella® craving! There's no long list of fancy ingredients or cooking equipment, and hardly any time at all to set aside to make a delectable dessert. Go Nutella®! KEDA BLACK is a cookery author and freelance journalist.

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