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Be your own Heroine

Life lessons from literature

ISBN: 9781782498964 (HB - E)

Learn about life from heroines of every era. Having brought you the wisdom of Austen in Be More Jane, eager reader Sophie Andrews turns her attention to what can be learned from the heroines of other stories from past and present. Whatever your taste in authors, there will be strong female characters you can relate to, from Jo March, the tiger-sister in Little Women, to Eleanor Oliphant, the socially bemused heroine of Gail Honeyman's prize-winning first novel. There are spirited young women such as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice, and Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series; and then there are the survivors July in The Long Song and Katniss Everdene in The Hunger Games. As well as these six inspirational characters, there are countless other examples of literary heroines who can guide you through life's pitfalls. Whether you are faced with hard times at home, in love, or at work, these characters have something to teach you.

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