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The Plan Buy Cook Book

Plan once, eat well all week

ISBN: 9781743795644 (FLEXI - E)

The Plan Buy Cook Book is your guide to beating the daily dinner grind while saving time, money, food waste - and your sanity. Are you always making frantic (and expensive) evening supermarket trips? Do you constantly seem to have a fridge full of food but nothing to cook? Do you feel like you're serving up the same old meals every week? PLAN dinner with the 4+2+1 formula: cook 4 meals from scratch each week (2 doubled quantities meals, half of which you'll freeze for the next week, and 2 fast, fresh recipes), eat 2 meals from the freezer, and have 1 super simple meal that could be eggs on toast, takeaway or a meal out. BUY with a guide to pantry and fridge essentials, how to shop and save, and eliminating food waste. COOK with more than 80 simple, healthy and delicious recipes that even fussy eaters will love, from fast pad Thai to eat-and-freeze tagines, fresh BBQ salads and speedy sides. The 4+2+1 formula is guaranteed to cut your weekly dinner cooking time in half, and the book also includes seasonal meal plan suggestions and handy tips on how to store food. Lose the five o' clock panic and set up for a lifetime of good food habits with The Plan Buy Cook Book.

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