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Nate Lowman

ISBN: 9781644231029 (HB - EN)

With a visual archive of source material amassed and processed over time, Lowman creates slippery, layered images that transform visual referents in news, media, and art history. In this volume, Lowman plays with cataclysmic imagery that probes the tensions between the everyday and the extreme, presence and absence, and violence and representation. Rendering vibrant paintings of digitally rendered hurricane imagery and the crime scene photography cataloging the aftermath of the October 1, 2017 mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, Lowman deeply considers the physicality of painting in connection to the chaos of his content. Spotlighting Lowman's exhibitions at David Zwirner in London and New York along with other recent pieces, this monograph examines the artist's recently created works. In an interview with Andrew Woolbright for The Brooklyn Rail, Lowman discusses his engagement with representation and meaning, twentieth-century gestural and pop art, slow painting, and American violence. Lynne Tillman's text provides a unique perspective across all bodies of Lowman's work.

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