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Harry Potter Poster Collection:

The Definitive Movie Posters

ISBN: 9781608871131 (PB - E)

Demonstrating Harry Potter s global reach and unparalleled visual impact, Harry Potter: The Definitive Movie Posters features the most dramatic national and international movie posters created during the entire 8-film run. This elegant, large-scale format captures the magic of the films with 40 artfully selected, display-worthy posters. Fans will get a sense of the mounting excitement that surrounded the screenings worldwide. Beloved characters, powerful emotions, and thrilling moments leap from the page. The posters are printed on glossy cardstock inside a protective cover. Easily removable as full sheets, they re crease-free and perfect for displaying. Featured images include the iconic depiction of Hagrid and young Harry looking up at Hogwarts Castle, the all-knowing gazes of Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall, the romantic Yule Ball costumes, the chilling face of Voldemort, and many others! You ll want to display each and every image!

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