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National Wildlife Federation's World of Birds

A Beginner's Guide

ISBN: 9781579129699 (HB - E)

Lively text delves into each bird's diet, behaviour, growth and habitat; the detailed illustrations and clearly written text enable kids to solve the puzzle of what lives in their backyards. A two-page entry for 30 types of birds instructs readers on how to recognise each and provides a solid introduction to individual characteristics. Included on each spread are similar species, so a reader can recognise common characteristics, as well as a wider variety of birds. A visual table of contents allows for quick identification. National Wildlife Federation's World of Birds helps readers identify common backyard birds. Details include the size, shape colour and markings of each bird, as well as its habitat, call and behaviour. More than 120 birds from around the world are described. Full-colour pictures, nontechnical language and fascinating facts make this an ideal guide for beginners of any age.

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