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Babes in Toyland's Fontanelle

33 1/3 Genre Series

ISBN: 9781501377556 (PB - EN)

Babes in Toyland was one of the most influential and forgotten bands of the 1990s. Despite creating a unique brand of sisterhood that inspired fans to create Riot Grrrl and legendary bands such as 7 Year Bitch, Bikini Kill, and yes, even Hole, the Babes' story seems to only exist as footnotes to other more famous figures. The all-girl band rode the wave of the Minneapolis grunge scene crafting a unique sound composed of self-taught instrumentation and unabashed banshee raging vocals. Their stage presence was enigmatic, their lyrics vitriolic, and their Kinderwhore fashion ironic and easy to emulate. But what made them most inspiring was their ethos. While all female, the band insisted their music wasn't a political statement but a personal expression. They would dismiss labeling their act as feminist but their actions sent a positive message of what a matriarchal system within music could look like. But then they let the patriarchy in via their major label contract with Warner Bros., and the unique frission of the Babes would never be the same again. Now, almost 30 years after their most seminal record, Fontanelle was released, the legend of the band is being resurrected and respun to reclaim their proper space and context in the history of music and women in rock.

About the Author Selena Chambers is author of the feminist horror story collection, Calls for Submission (2017), and co-author (as S. J. Chambers) of the critically-acclaimed and best-selling The Steampunk Bible (2011). Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart, Colorado Book Award, Best of the Net, as well as the Hugo Award and World Fantasy award (twice). Recent bylines include Literary Hub, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine, The Debutante: Women Surrealists Art Journal, and an essay in Desirina Boskovich's Lost Transmissions: The Secret History of Science Fiction and Fantasy. She lives in Tallahassee, FL with her partner and cat.

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