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JAAR > 2018
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The Joy of Less

A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify

ISBN: 9781452155180 (HB - E)

Francine Jay pioneered the simple living movement with her self-published bestseller, The Joy of Less. In this fully rede­signed and repackaged edition-featuring new content-Jay brings her philosophy to those who are eager to declutter. Rather than the "crash diet" approach, Jay shares simple steps to cultivate a minimalist mindset and form new habits, paving the way to lasting success. Her easy-to-follow STREAMLINE method works in any space and can be called upon during clutter-inducing life events such as moving, get­ting married, having kids, or downsizing. With an airy two-colour interior design and lovely hardcover package, The Joy of Less is a refreshing and relatable approach to decluttering.

Francine Jay is a bestselling decluttering expert and the founder of She has helped hundreds of thousands of people organise their homes and simplify their lives.

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