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Invitation to Meditation

How to Find Peace Wherever You Are

ISBN: 9781452144344 (HB - E)

Meditation has gained widespread popularity as a tool for living peacefully and mindfully. Invitation to Meditation pro­vides simple answers in a beginner-friendly format that weaves the experience of meditation directly into the read­ing-proving just how easy and enjoyable it can be. The art­ful package features a jacket embellished with gold foil and a spaciously interior that evokes calm; while the text pres­ents timeless wisdom that is perfectly suited to modern life. As accessible as it is resonant, Invitation to Meditation is for fans and newcomers alike, and makes a meaningful gift for anyone interested in exploring the present moment.

Howard Cohn is a meditation instructor and founder of Mission Dharma, San Francisco's 30-year-old weekly meditation gathering. Jack Kornfield is the author of more than 15 books and one of the leaders of the Western mindfulness movement.

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