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Our Family

A Fill-in Book of Traditions, Memories, and Stories

ISBN: 9781419733895 (HB - E)

Record cherished memories, family history, and more in this beautiful guided journal. Use the book to commemorate a special celebration, like a family reunion, graduation, or wedding shower, or keep it just for your own household and return to the book at holidays or birthdays as a way to see how everyone grows and changes as time goes by. The journal includes: Space to create a family tree Pages for recording family history and notable traditions Repeating questionnaires, where family members can each jot down memories and interesting information about themselves Activities to complete as a group (i.e. family superlatives) A handsome design with gold foil on the cover The content is fun, lighthearted, and appropriate for all ages. Designed to be passed around so that each person can make a contribution, this journal will become a keepsake that families can treasure for years to come.

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