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Baby's First Year Photo Gallery

ISBN: 9781419715600 (BOARD - E)

Baby's First Year Photo Gallery is perfectly designed for documenting an eventful first year of an infant's life with just one photo a month. Snapping a monthly photo is a huge trend among new parents (generally the baby wears a sticker on his/her onesie indicating the month the photo is taken). This album boasts 12 monthly die-cut cards that can be popped out of the page and included in the baby photo. It also features space to attach a printed photo of the baby and a few prompts for jotting down memories. Written and designed by David and Kelly Sopp (creators of Wrybaby, a novelty onesie company and authors of The Nine: A Pregnancy Countdown Journal), and illustrated throughout by Peskimo (the artistic duo behind Alphablock) this baby book will be recognized immediately as a stand-out in the category and a wonderful keepsake.

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