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Like My Mother Always Said . . .

Wise Words, Witty Warnings , and Odd Advice We Never Forget

ISBN: 9781419711732 (HB - E)

"Don't do as I do. Do as I say to do. We're building your character." "Don't be impressed by a man's car - he may be living in it." "When poverty comes in the window, love goes out the door." Countess chestnuts like these are uttered by mothers far and wide -- and every child, has his or her own stories. You can't get away from them because, everybody has a mother. And now Erin McHugh has collected scores of them for Like My Mother Always Said from all kinds of "kids"--young and old, ordinary and famous. Including quip-length to two-to-three-paragraph tales, the book is divided up into all the kinds of wise and nutty information we garner from our mothers on subjects such as Life, Love & Marriage, Work, Money, Free Advice, The Opposite Sex, Bad Behavior, Growing Up & Getting Old and Family & Motherhood.

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