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ISBN: 9780999243022 (HB - E)

Marc Tetro's signature artwork depicting personality-plus dogs has been printed on everything from key rings to mugs to handbags, which are sold in stores from New York to Dubai. This luscious book is his first appearance in art-book form, documenting his incredible style that appeals to so many, in a gorgeous oversized format. Loosely organised by breed, this romp through dogs in portrait, dogs in activities, dogs celebrating holidays is sure to appeal to every dog-lover and casual observer alike, as Tetro's style brings each and every rendition of any dog to life with charm and wit. Tetro is a modern-day Charles Schulz, taking a thick black line that, with a tiny movement of his wrist, gives character and personality to every dog he draws. With the addition of an array of lively colours, he has initiated a distinctive style that is recognised as art and product throughout the world. Designed by the artist, this book presents an opportunity for art lovers to discover his work, and for devoted fans to find a new way of enjoying his singular talent and unique vision.

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