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Racing for Thunder

ISBN: 9780847899371 (HB - EN)

Rammellzee was an enigmatic yet key figure in the nexus of creative forces that defined New York City's heady downtown scene in the late 1970s and 1980s. In the first major monograph on the multi-hyphenate artist, his inspired vision and wildly diverse artistic output are considered in depth. The oversized volume presents a treasure trove of material, providing extraordinary insight into his creative genius: a comprehensive selection of artworks (his iconic resin frescoes, paintings, sculpture, and performance paraphernalia), never-before-seen documentation of his graffiti work and performances, archival material, and ephemera. Gathered here for the first time, these materials tell this complex artist's origin story and detail his artistic evolution, cementing Rammellzee's place in the art historical canon. Maxwell Wolf, editor of the volume and curator of the much-lauded retrospective in 2018 on which this book is largely based, convenes a historic gathering of the key actors of the time to tell Rammellzee's extraordinary story in their own words in an extensive oral history. From graffiti writers, artists, musicians and actors to filmmakers, photographers, gallerists and family, those close to the late artist including Toxic, Futura, Lee Quinones, Charlie Ahearn, Jim Jarmusch, and Henry Chalfant provide critical context about his life and work. This richly layered volume is a must-have for the legions of Rammellzee fans, as well as enthusiasts of contemporary underground art and culture, old New York, graffiti, and the history of hip-hop.

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