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A is for Anarchist

An ABC Book for Activists

ISBN: 9780789341457 (HB - EN)

In the tradition of sophisticated primers like Shel Silverstein's ABZ Book or Oliver Jeffers's Once Upon an Alphabet and a fresh twist on the classic ABC book tailor-made for the twenty-first century, A is for Anarchist has a provocative DIY/street-culture ethos in the tradition of old-school punk and the golden age of hip-hop culture. This fun and inspirational work takes modest terms, such as E is for Energy, and subverts it to show meanings in the context of the current state of the world, such as "A car gets energy from dangerous chemicals that are buried deep underground. Once our planet runs out of energy, things are going to get exciting." With captions written by rising star Billy Woods, who NPR named the best rapper of 2019, the words have a rhythm on the page that is hard to get out of one's head. The original art by M. amplifies the power behind these alternative definitions. If you have gotten this far in reading, you already are an anarchist.

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