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New York Pop Up Book

ISBN: 9780789339782 (HB - EN)

A selection of New York's most iconic monuments, landmarks, and architectural wonders unfold in seven pop-ups contained in a charming pint-sized package making it an easy impulse purchase. Easy to tuck in a bag or a pocket, this book is truly the perfect souvenir or gift for tourists as well as anyone who wants to share their love of the Big Apple. Each spread delivers an iconic building or monument accompanied by a two-page spread with text profiling the historical background and cultural significance of the structure or scene depicted in the pop-up. The package is designed with a retro feel featuring vintage style street maps as backgrounds for the pop-ups and other graphic elements that make this an elegant, charming gift or souvenir. Represented as pop-ups are a range of traditional and contemporary New York scenes known the world over and which nearly every visitor to wants to experience or photograph for their Instagram. Artist Dominique Ehrhard has created a one of a kind object that will delight all ages.

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