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Be a Peaceful Cloud and Other Life Lessons from Bob Ross

ISBN: 9780789338013 (HB - E)

Inspired by Bob Ross's famed painting techniques, quotes, and iconic images, this affirming guide-to-life book will help you navigate your own personal landscape, one day--or canvas--at a time. Beloved for his relaxing tone and his way of imparting his meditative outlook on life (all while creating a painting in under thirty minutes on television), Bob Ross had a quiet, nurturing disposition that made him the perfect guide to overcoming (and appreciating) everyday challenges both big and small. Featuring Bob's most famous quotes and illustrated by more than thirty of his original paintings, Be a Peaceful Cloud and Other Life Lessons from Bob Ross is filled with calming, mindful essays that tap into his advice on imagination, friendship, mistakes, and finding happiness. Chapters range from Blank Canvas: It's Your World, which illuminates how to approach each day, to Bravery Tests: Challenging Yourself, which draws upon your inner strength, to Happy Little Accidents: Creating Success from Failure, which affirms the power of positive thinking. Bob Ross's lessons gently encourage everyone to live their best Bob Ross life--an aspiration more important now than ever before.

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