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Turtles of the World Hardcover - 28 Feb 2007

ISBN: 9780713682359 (HB - E)

From familiar terrapins basking on a log to the majestic long-lived giant tortoises, turtles are among the most fascinating animals on the planet. In this complete guide to the world's 300 species of turtles, the authors reveal intimate, little-known details of these intriguing reptiles in their native habitats: what they eat, where they live, how they behave, and when and where they lay their eggs. The authors have travelled the world extensively together to study turtles in their natural habitats and have produced a comprehensive and beautifully written book that will appeal to all turtle lovers and nature enthusiasts. It is magnificently illustrated with over 300 colour photographs and each species has a colour distribution map. This book will be the standard reference on the subject for years to come.

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