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Dragons, Heroes, Myths & Magic

The Medieval Art of Storytelling

ISBN: 9780712354608 (HB - EN)

Dragons, Heroes, Myths & Magic presents fifty of the very first adventure stories, set out across seven sections, featuring Heroes and Heroines; Epic Battles; Magical Events and Miracles; Villains, Crime and Murder; Quests or Journeys; Animals; and Love Stories. Ranging from long and complex epics developed around historical figures including Charlemagne, King Arthur and Alexander the Great, to smaller, vibrant tales absorbing local characters on the periphery. Marvellously varied, surprising and enlightening, and featuring both the stories and art behind Merlin, Christine de Pisan, Sir Gawain, Renard the Fox, Dante and Beatrice, the Odyssey, Saint Brendon and Tristan and Isolde, this book provides an intimate insight into the medieval mind. Chantry Westwell has used her profound knowledge of the British Library's illuminated manuscript collections to explore some of literature's most celebrated stories, together with the deep history of the books and chronicles in which they were first preserved. Presented alongside them in full colour are some of the most exquisite examples of art to survive from the 8th to the 16th centuries: works of supreme beauty inspired by the stories. Chantry Westwell studied modern European and African languages in Cape Town, followed by an MA in Historical Linguistics at Ohio State, and in Medieval Studies at University College London. Her special interest is in Old French and Anglo-Norman romance, on which she has published blog posts and online articles. For the past 12 years she has worked as a volunteer at the British Library, where the magnificent collection of illuminated manuscripts has provided inspiration for this book. She is from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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