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JAAR > 2018
9780500420881 9780500420881_01 9780500420881_02 9780500420881_03
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Type Journal

A Typeface and Lettering Sketchbook

ISBN: 9780500420881 (FLEXI - E)

A chic journal for lovers of lettering. Type Journal encourages people to sketch, trace and colour classic typefaces, or use the ruled and gridded pages to create their own designs, inspired by the gallery of type samples. An illustrated gallery will help them brush up on terminology and absorb tips from the pros. Steven Heller's concise introduction explores the significance of type design. Blank grid and linear sheets are interspersed with quotes, aphorisms and outlines of seminal typefaces for readers to practise, including Trojan text, Spencerian script, William Morris initials, Linotype, Clarendon condensed and more. Concludes with a glossary of terms.

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