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Drawing Masterclass

Creative Techniques of 100 Great Artists

ISBN: 9780500293393 (FLEXI - E)

Drawing Masterclass explores the act of vision of the world's great artists, describing how the images were created to allow you to weave some of this magic into your own drawings. The book is organized into seven chapters covering important genres: nudes, figures, landscapes, still life and studies, heads, fantasy and abstraction. Each chapter selects a cross section of artists and examines their practice in detail, using key drawings. Each artist is described through one of 100 selected masterpieces, plus a biographical profile and a practical look at the way the drawing was made: the materials and technique, as well as an examination of the ideas and inspiration behind its making and how the artist's life might reflect their concerns. Light and shade, rhythm, form, space, contour and composition are all covered in detail. The book covers a broad historical and geographic sweep, and includes many of the most celebrated male and female artists. Table of Contents Introduction . Nudes . Figures . Landscapes . Still Life and Studies . Head Fantasy . Abstraction

Éditions disponibles:
Photography Masterclass
Creative Techniques of 100 Great Photographers
Thames and Hudson
ISBN: 9780500544624 (E/FLEXI)
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