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New Rings

500+ Designs

ISBN: 9780500292402 (FLEXI - E)

A revised edition of this dazzling showcase of contemporary custommade rings, featuring 100 entirely new designs. Rings symbolize many things. They can serve as personal statements, adornments, representations of a commitment, or a sentimental reminder. In the hands of the world's most creative jewellers they transcend into works of art in endlessly intriguing ways. Now updated to include 100 entirely new designs, this marvellously illustrated survey showcases over 500 contemporary rings created by nearly 300 international designers. It is divided into five sections - one for each finger! The designers employ a breathtaking variety of techniques to create pieces ranging from traditional decorative rings to conceptual and abstract artworks, and use a wide range of materials including gold, platinum, precious stones, plastic, bones, fibre, wood, shells, plants and more. New Rings is both a onderful snapshot of the work of the best art jewellers at work in the world today and a superb resource for jewelry lovers everywhere.

Nicolas Estrada is a Barcelona-based jewelry designer.

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