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JAAR > 2019
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The Complete Graphic Works

ISBN: 9780500239995 (HB - E)

One of the greatest Netherlandish artists, Pieter Bruegel the Elder (1525/30-1569) is best known today for his paintings of peasant life. Yet it was above all through his exceptional graphic work that he achieved widespread fame during the 16th century. This luxurious book offers readers the opportunity to get up close and personal with Bruegel's famous prints. Published as part of this special Bruegel year, it accompanies the exhibition at the Royal Library of Belgium, Brussels, which is renowned as a pioneer in Bruegel scholarship and holds an unparalleled collection of the artist's graphic work. Contributors Maarten Bassens Author Maarten Bassens is a curator at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels. Joris Van Grieken Author Joris Van Grieken is a curator at the Royal Library of Belgium in Brussels. Lieve Watteeuw Author Lieve Watteeuw is head of the Book Heritage Lab at the University of Leuven. Jan Van Der Stock Author Jan Van der Stock is a professor at the University of Leuven.

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