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Guest Rooms

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ISBN: 9780789313058 (HB - E)

The perfect room can make any trip unforgettable. Whether you're welcoming new friends into your home or hosting family, a little thought and a lot of imagination can make your guests' next visit a delightful experience. The guest room is more than the extra room in the house. It is a space for you to create memories, to extend warmth and comfort for another. Guest Rooms explores the most charming guest accommodations in private homes, from a luxurious Hawaiian guesthouse and a cozy room in a Nantucket cottage to an artistic and intriguing Santa Fe space. These spaces speak of their surroundings: brightly colored linens and light wood floors at the beach, thick down comforters and warm lighting in a Maine cottage. The rooms are full of special touches, sure to make any guest feel at home, including reading lamps and fresh flowers, books, and candles. Featuring homes designed by renowned architects and photography by Shelley Metcalf and Eric Roth, Guest Rooms offers inspiration for every type of home and space. The trend right now is to turn that extra space into a warm retreat for guests, a room that is entirely about luxury and relaxation. The perfect gift for your host and for anyone with an extra space, lifestyle author Anna Kasabian serves up twenty-five rooms that would make any guest wish to extend his stay.

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