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Islands in the Sun: Prints by Indigenous Artists of Australia and the Australasian Region

ISBN: 9780642541413

Showcasing the talents of artists from Australia and Australasia, Islands in the Sun highlights the vitality and diversity of the region's indigenous art. It crosses traditional geographic and cultural boundaries to bring together an extensive collection of prints by artists from Arnhem Land, Bathurst and Melville Islands, Torres Strait Islands, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand the Pacific Islands. As well as featuring the work of individual artists, it also highlights the success of collaborative ventures between artists from differing cultural backgrounds. It is this exploration of new areas that gives Islands in the Sun its remarkable strength and vitality. It shows how the arts have flourished amongst indigenous societies in the region since the 1960s and how the arts have been a potent force in maintaining cultural identity. Islands in the Sun is not only a response to Australia's position in the Australasian region, but also a testament to the art of printmaking as a bringing-together and affirmation of indigenous culture.

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