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DesignGraphic Design School

The Principles and Practices of Graphic Design

ISBN: 9780500285268 (PB - E)

Packed with practical guidance and beautifully illustrated throughout, Graphic Design School provides a solid foundation for the design student as well as offering a back-to-basics tool for more advanced designers in search of solutions to graphic problems. The book is divided into three clear sections, beginning with 'The Language of Design', which introduces the basic design skills, giving encouragement and advice on thinking up ideas and expressing them visually. I n 'Principles and Techniques', the reader is shown how to start developing these ideas and learns new methods of giving form to their vision by experimentation with colour, typography and computer techniques. Finally, 'Commercial Practice' shows how these skills are applied in the workplace, whether in editorial design, advertising or in the creation of corporate identities. Throughout, the book highlights real examples of students' work, from the design of logos and websites to product packaging, providing points of reference so the reader can continually compare their own progress and enhance their potential in this competitive field. Graphic Design School is a must-buy, all-encompassing guide to this fast-evolving subject.

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