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FOAM #45 - Talent

ISBN: 013262 (PB - E)

The Talent Issue is a career building platform, helping to launch aspiring image-makers into the international photography industry and giving them global acclaim and recognition. Each year, Foam organises an international Talent Call to identify young, emerging photographers under the age of 35. The 2016 Talent Call for Foam Magazine had a total of 1494 submissions from 75 different countries across 6 continents. Once again, the jury was delighted by the impressive variety and high quality of all submissions. The portfolios of 24 selected photographers are featured in this Talent Issue, accompanied by an essay that offers insight into the nature and concept of the project. FEATURED ARTISTS: Sofia Ayarzagoitia, Juno Calypso, Bubi Canal, Paolo Ciregia, Joshua Citarella, Sam Contis, Jack Davison, Nicolo Degiorgis, John Edmonds, Katinka Goldberg, Daniel Gordon, Andrea Grützner, Samuel Gratacap, Maxime Guyon, Felicity Hammond, Darius Himes, Alexandra Hunts, Taejoong Kim, Nico Krijno, Leo Maguire, Yoshinori Mizutani, Lesley A. Martin, Stefanie Moshammer, Andrés Felipe Orjuela, Antonio Ottomanelli, Daan Paans, Louise Parker, Alice Quaresma, Ross Sawyers, Marleen Sleeuwits, Stefano Stoll, Andrejs Strokins, Ilona Szwarc, Lorenzo Vitturi, Manon Wertenbroek, Daisuke Yokota CONTRIBUTING WRITERS: Taco Hidde Bakker, Karin Bareman, Daniel C. Blight, Jörg Colberg, Kerry Doran, Marcel Feil, Max Houghton, Kim Knoppers, Mirjam Kooiman, Marloes Krijnen, Jennifer Krasinski, Russet Lederman, Colin Pantall, Liz Sales, Tom Seymour, Duncan Wooldridge.

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