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New diistributed publisher: Carpet Bombing Culture

Carpet Bombing Culture, founded by Publisher Gary Shove in 2008, are a counter-cultural publisher par excellence, publishing quality art and photography books littered with vitriolic and highly subjective commentary to aid readers in pursuing the guerrilla warfare that is 21st century everyday life.*

Founded in 2008, Carpet Bombing Culture is an independent publisher based in the North East of England. They pride themselves on having a sharp eye for the zeitgeist and remain ever poised on the margins of the maelstrom ready to leap in and snap up a subject at a moment's notice. For this reason, their books seem to be almost supernaturally relevant and because they don't care a fig for the norms of the publishing industry, they get books out in half the time, with twice the quality and often at half the price.
However, make no mistake; these are not history books or dim-witted collections of mediocre fan snaps. These books are designed to ignite, provoke and inspire you. They are not for the dispassionate observer. Their raison d'être? To act as a catalyst, so that you too can get involved in something, to push things forward! Who knows? Maybe you will feature in the next title?


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