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JAAR > 2018
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Today's Anthology for Tomorrow's Crafts

ISBN: 9782376660071 (HB - E)

This exceptional anthology, which proposes a panorama of the evolution of crafts from 1945 to the present day, brings together a selection of over 70 texts from five continents. These texts are chosen and commented on by Chloé Braustein-Kriegel, a design specialist and critic, and Fabien Petiot, an art historian and designer. This new research is a genuine theoretical and practical tool for specialists and amateurs alike throughout the world. Calling on a huge network of experts, writers, critics, academics, journalists and artists, whose articles have been published in reviews such as Crafts Magazine, The Journal of Modern Art and The Journal of Design History, the authors present a diversity of viewpoints that permit the reader to go into depth on all the aspects of this multiform subject: the relationship between crafts and the many creation fields such as design and architecture, and the place of know-how in today's society. This anthology also makes it possible to place these contemporary questions in a historical perspective. A selection of authors: Charlotte Benton, Andrea Branzi, Alberto Cavalli, Garth Clark, Edmund Wim Delvoye, De Waal, Marie Douglas, Enzo Mari Stefano Micelli, Louise Schouwenberg, Patricia Woods.

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